Extreme all-in-one - Green

$ 18.00

by Bum-Ware  

Bum-Ware Extreme AIOs (BWX) are as easy as disposables to put on, faster-drying than standard AIO diapers, extremely slim-fitting, and hold up beautifully.

Fabric: waterproof PUL outside, brown suedecloth inside

Made in the USA

Remove solids (toss them into the toilet after you change your baby).

Bum-Ware diapers should be washed and dried on hot for maximum absorbency at least 3 times, prior to first use. Thereafter, wash with hot water (no higher than 120F) and line dry or machine dry on medium heat setting.

Recommended detergents are: Tide 2X Ultra (Cold Water or with Color Clean Bleach Alternative) or Simplicity Hypoallergenic Non-Toxic 2X. HE detergents: Cheer 2X Ultra Color Guard, Tide 2X Ultra, Seventh Generation, and Kirkland. Use only a small amount of detergent. Detergents that have caused problems include Dreft, Charlie's Soap and Sportswash. Diaper rash creams may coat your diapers and be hard to wash out.

Soak diapers in diaper pail (or washer) prior to washing in solution of either water with vinegar or water with baking soda. Put contents of diaper pail in the washer, run the spin cycle, and wash diapers on hot, separate from clothing, OR, store your diapers in a dry pail until ready to wash, whatever works best for you. If you find that the hidden layer bunches up (like pockets in your jeans, you have to put your hands in your pocket to straighten them) stretch the diaper on the sides from top to bottom to smooth the hidden layer. The diapers are designed to roll in at the legs to keep the wetness in. Always make sure no brown or white fabric is sticking out, make sure there are no gaps at the legs, and that there is no clothing inside the diaper to prevent wicking.

If your diapers stop absorbing, you need to wash them several times (4-6) with hot water, and no detergent. Washing methods that are NOT recommended, and will cause problems include: scrubbing diapers with a toothbrush, washing in the dishwasher, boiling, microwaving, as well as other questionable methods.