Gift registries

Buying a gift for someone who registered with us? Click here to search for their registry by first or last name.

Want to create your own registry on our site? Click here to create a new registry. If you don't already have an account with us, you will be prompted to create one. You will then be able to create your registry and enter all the details for your event, including where to ship gifts before and after the event, and whether you'd like anyone to be able to access your registry by searching by name, or whether you want it password protected. Then, when you find the first item you'd like to add to your registry, click on "Add to registry." If you come back on another day to add more items, make sure you're logged in. You must be logged in to your account in order to add items to your registry.

A registry will keep track of what has been purchased for your event, and is searchable by the general public (so that friends and family can find your registry). If you simply want to create a private wishlist (shareable with anyone who you give your wishlist link to), see "Wishlists" below.


A wishlist is similar to a registry, except that (1) it's private, not searchable by the general public, but you will have a link to your wishlist that you can share with anyone, and (2) the software will not keep track of what has been purchased from your wishlist. To create a wishlist, click here. You will be prompted to login or create an account with us if you don't already have one. Then you will be taken to your wishlist page, where you will see a link you can copy and share with anyone. To add items to your wishlist, simply click "Add to wishlist" on any product page while you're logged in, and the item will be added. Click the "wishlist" link under "gifts" in the main navigation menu at any time to see your wishlist, or go to the special shareable wishlist link described above. People you share your wishlist with will be able to view your list and purchase items without registering on our site. 

Gift messages

If your order is a gift, you may enter a gift message on the shopping cart page (there is a box where you can type in your message under your list of items). We will include a printed card with your message in the package.

Gift receipts

If we see a gift message entered, our standard is to include a gift receipt (no prices).

Gift boxes

If you'd like to add a gift box, you can do that here.

Gift certificates

You can order gift certificates here