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Our Joyful Rewards Program

We are passionate about supporting U.S. manufacturing jobs. By shopping here, you are giving your money to companies who are making their products here in the United States of America at prices that are competitive with mass-market brands made overseas. We are so grateful to you for choosing to shop with us!

We hope you love your purchases and any interactions you have with us, and that you come back again and again! We offer rewards both for buying from us and for helping spread the word to other people you know. The more successful our company becomes, the more successful the companies we support become, and the better it is for our country and our children's future. Thank you.

Rewards for Shopping

All customers with accounts are automatically enrolled in Joyful Rewards, and receive a 500 point account creation bonus.

$1 in purchases* = 5 rewards points

500 rewards points = $5 off coupon

1500 rewards points = $20 off coupon

Create an account to begin earning rewards points. Keep track of your rewards by clicking on the Joyful Rewards widget in the lower right corner of your screen (you can minimize the widget by clicking on the tiny arrow in the upper right corner of it, if it gets in the way of our site's content -- we wish we could put it somewhere else, but this is the way the program's software is configured). When you've earned 500 points, you'll be able to redeem your first reward! When you redeem an award, you will receive an email with a coupon code you can apply any time at checkout. You can redeem a smaller award or save up for a larger reward.

*excluding gift cards, tax + shipping

Rewards for Referring Friends

Help spread the word about our site, and both you and your friends will benefit! Each of the friends you refer will receive a $5 coupon toward their first order (activated once they join our mailing list). After one of the friends you referred makes their first purchase, you will receive 500 rewards points. You will be given the option to refer friends after the checkout screen when you make a purchase. You can also refer friends any time by clicking on the Joyful Rewards widget (lower right corner of our site), and choosing "Invite Friends & Earn Points".


Your login and password are the same for Joyful Rewards as for your Two Crows for Joy account -- if you are ever asked to login by the rewards widget, simply use your Two Crows for Joy login information.

Rewards are offered solely at our discretion. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the Joyful Rewards program for any reason at any time, and in the event that we do so, we are under no obligation to pay out rewards. Accrued rewards are not cash equivalents.