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Best Bottom diapers were created by a cloth diaper seller with years of experience with all of the different types of cloth diapers. She took the best features of each type of diapering system, and eliminated the cons. The Best Bottom one size diapering system is not a pocket diaper, not an all in one, not a fitted diaper and not a prefold system...it is the best of all types! It is trim-fitting, highly absorbent, simple to use, and one of the most affordable options.

How does it work?

1. Adjust front snaps to achieve the size needed.
2. Snap insert into diaper.
3. Put diaper on baby and go!
4. When baby needs a diaper change snap out soiled insert and snap clean one in.
5. Put diaper on baby and go AGAIN. The Best Bottom shell is wipe-able and can be used multiple times before washing. You may want to air dry between uses, but it is not necessary.

How many do I need to buy?

We recommend getting as many shells as your baby poos in a 2-3 day time period. Poo does stay on the insert most of the time but in some cases it may not (but it will stay in the diaper cover, avoiding an embarassing mess). Three different size inserts are available. Newborns and toddlers are not the same size so in order for a one size insert to absorb enough for a toddler it will be HUGE on a newborn. You may not need all three sizes of inserts and can skip one. We recommend approximately 24 inserts per size. So to make it SIMPLE you will need approximately 8-10 shells and 18-24 inserts per size. If you already use prefolds, they will also work instead of the inserts -- just lay them inside the shell.

How do I wash them?

Before first use, the shells, stay dry inserts, and overnight inserts only need to be washed one time.

1. Remove solids (toss them into the toilet after you change your baby)

2. Reuse the shell until soiled (or wash day). Separate shell from insert before washing. Fasten laundry tabs (if applicable).

3. Rinse cold, wash warm/hot with 1/4-1/2 additive-free detergent, rinse (warm or cold).

4. Tumble dry or line dry.

No fabric softeners or rash creams (if you need to use rash creams put a barrier between baby and diaper, for example, a flushable liner or reusable wipe work great). We recommend washing every 2-3 days. The Best Bottom system washes beautifully as it takes up less space in your washing machine allowing more room for agitation, getting your diapers super clean.

Best Bottom quality + warranty

The Best Bottom company uses the highest quality materials available, and all of their products are proudly handcrafted in the USA at local factories helping to support the local economy and reduce environmental impact. They use durable snaps and hook & loop, and a double layer of waterproof PUL creating a perfect no-leak sturdy shell with a wipeable inside lasting for many washes.

The company stands behind their products 100%. All products are guaranteed against workmanship or material defects for 60 days from date of purchase. This guarantee covers seams, stitching, elastics, zippers or any other sewing defects. Fading or staining is considered normal wear and tear and does not fall under this warranty.